Table soccer or football?

North American Soccer is dedicated to improving the foosball experience for all players. While the last year has been a struggle, it remains dedicated to the growth of foosball. Foosball continues to gain in popularity, it's no surprise, it's a game that is as addictive as online roulette yet rich in strategy and gameplay. The vision of foosball as a sport that all ages can enjoy continues.

With plans on returning to the core philosophies and goals on which Soccer was founded. The Bonzini table is quite different from the Tornado table that I have played on for the last four years. The men are solid aluminum and unbalanced. They are heavy compared to the tornado men. The rods are telescopic, but quite strong and durable. They could be bent as easily as the Tornado rods could be bent. The balls are cork, which means they bounce around like a ball if struck well. They warp and wobble with extended use, causing them to roll as if eggs. The combination of heavy men and light balls allowed for incredible ball control and the capability to dig for loose balls is far superior to that of Tornado.

One trick I learned for digging for loose balls was to wave the man near to the ball if I couldn?t reach it. The heavy metal man would cause disruptions in airflow near the ball and would cause the ball to roll or warble toward the rod doing the wagging.

With many snagged loose balls this way, frustrating my opponent(s) numerous times. Moreover, the Bonzini playing surface is rather rubberized and would even give slightly if a pinned ball received enough pressure.

The game of games!

There are no markings on the playing surface which made tracking the ball very difficult. The heavy man-light ball combination, coupled with the rubberized surface provided yet another aspect to increased ball control. Stubbing the ball is very common, especially in the Novice division. These differences from the Tornado table were very challenging for me to overcome. Foosball strategy had to be re-evaluated due to the table

Fellow table soccer enthusiasts!! 1999 was a great year for foosball and saw many important events, not the least of which was the birth of table Soccer. In this issue you will find many articles about the history of the sport. It's fitting that as we move into a new millennium, we remember some of the highlights of the old one. We hope you have as much enjoyment reading about it as we did researching it.

Soccer moves into the second year of existence with momentum from the support of many who joined last year and who believed our dream. To update you, Since April 2011, Its been working to establish relationships with sponsors such as wink bingo, as we promised and we have all been working to define our roles within the organization. I received a lot of mail with many good ideas and input. As we become fiscally sound, including reaching more of our early goals.

looking back on three decades of involvement with foosball in amazement! How did so much time go by so quickly? Entering the fourth decade, I have a perspective which I plan to use to implement working solutions to the sport. As players we have the responsibility to administer the upkeep and chart the course for the future. While many of you only have the time to play and not to work with us, with the creation of Soccer you can make a difference simply by joining those of us who are taking the time to make changes.


The results so far:

This year ought to see many new and exciting events. Many things are in the planning stages and although it is frustrating to many of us here, it would be premature to announce anything until all of the details are finalized. I have never seen anything like what Soccer has in the works for the new millennium!!


I'd like to personally thank everyone of Valley for their help in building the incredible foosball table now on display in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you get the chance to see this show, you won't be disappointed!! You can read about it elsewhere in this issue. Enjoy this issue of Soccer News and stay tuned to our website for frequent updates!!

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